North East artist Michael James
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From Claire and David Westerman (October 2017)

We are so pleased we found Michael James Artworks. My husband and I were married in the December 2015. We were kindly given money from some of our guests as gifts. We had been keeping the money separate until we found something special that would be perfect to represent us and our special day. Then I found "Winter Twilight" by Michael James. It was perfect. As soon as I saw it online I knew I had to go and see it. Michael was so lovely and welcoming. There was no pressure at all. He was just really pleased that I loved his painting. I fell in love with the picture and we arranged the purchase. I chose a frame and when I changed my mind about the frame he was great about it and we were able to change the frame to one that more suits our house. My husband and I love the picture. It's perfect for us and a very special gift to us from our guests. Everyone that has seen it loves it and I would recommend buying from Michael to anyone.
Winter Twilight (original work)



From Andy & Deborah (March 2017)

We've bought several pieces from Michael over the past year since becoming big fans of his work. As well as Old Timers and Night Shift as framed prints we also have two commissioned works from Michael in our home. We love them, as do guests and visitors to the house. We asked Michael to create a painting of our youngest daughter walking our dog near what she calls the Magic Telescopes and we were delighted with what Michael came up with. 


The Magic Telescopes 




From Jonny & Family  (July 2017) 

Watching dry paint: a commissioned piece

Me and the wife had been admirers of Michael James’ work since seeing some of his original art at the North-East Art Collective. At the time we thought ‘One day we’ll buy a nice big framed print’, and that would have been nice, but the wife’s impending significant birthday got me to thinking of contacting Michael to see if there was the chance of doing something special. From our first (lengthy) chat, to actually hanging the work on our wall, commissioning a piece by Michael James was a joy: an exciting, unforgettable process, culminating in a beautiful and unique painting.

 Michael talked through all manner of possibilities in our initial phone call. Then we had a follow-up face-to-face meeting to discuss ideas (and the sentiments behind them), reference materials and sizes, and slowly collaborated towards a vision of what the painting might be. We left Michael to do his martial arts on the canvas, and, as if by magic, not too long later, we got the call to view the not-far-from-finished painting.

 The anticipation had built through the week, leading to the excitement of seeing it for the first time: something we’ll never forget. It was perfect; better than we could have imagined. Michael then talked us through the painting, referring back to the reference materials and the notes from our first face-to-face meeting, before seeing if we wanted to request any minor alterations. We were then shown the choice of frames, and talked through what final steps were needed, before arranging a date to pick up the painting. In a flash the day arrived, the whole family went up to Michael’s studio to view the finished piece. We were, and are, all over the moon with it. The piece is alive, full of the nostalgia and magic we’d collectively imagined weeks before, and provides us with not only a beautiful piece of art we get to enjoy every day, but also with something that will be a lovely reminder when we’re older of a snapshot in time. We’re thankful that we took the plunge, and couldn’t recommend Michael highly enough.

Going Home 



From Jonny & Family -an additional Original Piece Purchase (August 2017) 

I didn’t think I’d reach this age so early, or be happy that it’s here, but there it is: I’ve taken to standing in the middle of the room, staring at the wall with mouth half-open and head slowly and involuntarily shaking or tilted to one side. It’s Michael James’ fault. We’ve only been ‘Michael James Original art’ owners for a month, but it’s already difficult to imagine what the place would be like without it. It’s the focal point. Whether you’re in the room, or at the top of the stairs, catching a glimpse across the landing, through the open door, you’re drawn towards it. You’re drawn to the energy in the sky, and the swell of the river. You’re hypnotised from afar, and then you’re drawn close in by something you thought wasn’t there yesterday. Maybe it wasn’t, and that’s it: it’s magical. If you’ve set your mind on getting a Michael James print, re-set it: consider an original. You most definitely will not be disappointed.